2017 North American Fly Fishing Shows

In 2017 Glen Eden Salmon Lodge attended four of North Americas most prominent fly fishing expos.From our custom Glen Eden Booth we reached out to fly fishers of all skill levels to provide information on all aspects of our full service live release lodge. Glen Eden has until now been the playground of the privileged ,being fished by celebrities, heads of state, prominent business gurus and their clients. The present owners have changed that and now our exclusive water is available to the public. Our attractive three, four and seven day packages are now in place for beginner or experienced flyfisher. Guests have the option of guided fishing from our 26ft Sharpe canoes or wade fishing if they prefer. Longer distance casting is not necessary when fishing from our canoes, which provides a great opportunity for the novice guest to land an impressive salmon. The salmon Log in the lodge is testament to guests landing impressive fish on their first experience.  


Chasing Silver Magazine

     I wade out into the river along a wide gravel bar. The water is shallow enough I can almost reach the middle before it becomes too swift and deep to go any further. Between me and the opposite bank is a big dark trench of deeping water. I’m fishing with Glen Eden Lodge head guide and camp manager Vaughn Firth who’s guided on the Restigouche River for over 30 years, just like his father and his grandfather before him. On this most famous of Canadian salmon rivers, guiding is no casual affair.

     Here, in the heart of Salmon Country, it is a venerable vocation handed down through the generations from father to son. I’ve had the good fortune to fish with Vaughn over several seasons now and feel a twinge of pride that he has enough confidence in me to let me out of the canoe to wade on my own (but always within eyesight). I tie on a #2 Rusty Rat while he positions the canoe, and my fishing partner Serge Colin, at the head of Pothole Pool just above me.

     Within a few short minutes Serge is into a nice leaping salmon and Vaughn pulls the anchor to follow the running fish downstream. Eventually Serge brings the fish to Vaugh’s waiting net. She is a bright 12 pound hen who is happy to be set free after a few quick photos. Now it is my turn.

Story & Photos: Raymond Plourde

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